Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PC POST #394: PUNISHER: PLATOON is over! But Ennis work with Frank Castle isn't.

Punisher: Platoon #6, was released today and it ended in the best way possible. Still got reviews of issues #4, #5 and #6 to make for the blog but I will keep it spoiler free for you to enjoy the great news below.

After reading Punisher: Platoon #6, I thought Ennis was done with his work with the Punisher, at least for a while. But no! In the letters page, Ennis just gave all the readers some insight of his future plans if they are approved.

"Pretty soon we will see our hero-- on his second tour of duty, now with the Marine Recon-- fighting shoulder to shoulder with the one man who loves combat even more than he does.
Beyond that, I'm talking with the editor Nick Lowe about another Punisher story, a contemporary one this time,  featuring... Well, I may have said too much".

So let's make some sort of breakdown of this statement.

I couldn't be more excited to see that Ennis work with the Punisher is far from being done. It seems that he's born for the character as the time goes by, more and more I believe in this.
Looks like Ennis is already preparing two gifts to all Punisher fans, first, a sequel to the Platoon when Frank enters the Marine recon. Ennis hints us that he will fighting be with "one man who loves combat even more than he does", there aren't many characters in the MAX universe who could share this feeling with Frank, my guess will be a guest appearance of Nick Fury.

The second piece of good news is that we might have a modern story of the Punisher. Ennis didn't unveil details if it's a MAX story or set in 616 Universe but if he's writing I'm on board. Day one.

Written by Ivo Santos

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PC POST #393: No more Punisher as War Machine in May?

Marvel announced a "fresh start" for their books to begin in May. Some titles will be renumbered and "lose" their legacy numbering.
Marvel is promising new creative teams, new storylines, new beginnings and new directions.

At least this change will bring back the classic characters we care and love.

So what this has to do with Punisher: War Machine? Well in my opinion everything.

As you can see in the poster of this new promotion, the Punisher is on the right side of Spider-Man. 
He's with his regular suit, not War Machine. I'm happy with the "back to basics" but I've enjoyed a lot of this Punisher War Machine run written by Matthew Rosenberg.

Rosenberg said that his run would be a miniseries but I always thought it would be a matter of sale numbers to keep it going for just a while. I was expecting a maxiseries and after this arc when he hunts down Petrov's army he could deal with the likes of Iron Man and Captain Marvel due to their relationship with James Rhodes and seeing the Punisher using the War Machine armor to do his own war.

Again, this doesn't mean they will end this war machine run, my theory is just based on the teaser above when we see the Punisher with his regular gear. But we have to wait for the upcoming Marvel solicitations to May and find out what will happen to the Punisher War Machine.

Article by Ivo Santos

Friday, February 9, 2018

PC POST #392: [Rumor] Punisher Season 2 new character descriptions and a possible storyline

Earlier today we've been hinted by The Hashtag Show about three character roles for Marvel TV. This is still a rumor, not an official source. But still, they did some logical connections.

Marvel TV is looking to cast two female and one male role. Those characters names are:

Annie Beir - A 16-year-old who is described as “someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment.”

Kim Davis -
A mid 30's female regular series therapist.

Melvin Skelling - An honest detective in his early-30's.

The Hashtag Show make the logical connection that Annie Beir might be Viorica from the Slavers arc, one of the darkest stories ever written for the Punisher by Garth Ennis. In this story, Frank saves this young girl (Viorica) whose story helps Frank discover those behind the sex slaves ring. Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat.

This is where Kim Davis might enter if she will have the same role as Jen Cooke in that story.
Jen Cooke is a social worker who helped Frank put down the sex slaves ring.

Jen Cooke

The other character breakdown connection was Melvin Skelling being Martin Soap. Martin Soap does have nothing to do with the Slavers arc, but the character made his first debut in "Welcome Back, Frank". He was part of a "damned" police department that no one wanted to belong. The Punisher Task Force. Soap is a good cop but during the Punisher MK run by Ennis, he was one of the unluckiest characters ever in a Punisher comic.

Again, this is just speculation. It's not official. But it would be great to see The Slavers being portrayed in the Punisher season 2. Being this story one of the darkest stories ever written for the Punisher, it would be a good call to see Frank back as the Punisher.

Steve Lightfoot revealed that he would like to see Barracuda and Kathryn O'Brien in the Punisher series. Not to mention Billy Russo as Jigsaw that might appear in season 2. Too many things in hands and very few info.

So far the only official details about the show are that it will be set in New York and they will start shooting this year.

Written by Ivo Santos

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Another great issue of this Punisher series delivered almost flawlessly by Matthew Rosenberg with an engaging story and top-notch action. Guiu's art is polished and fit perfectly into this story.

This issue starts almost like the last one with Frank saving an innocent man from Petrov's troops and while doing that acquiring intel about his whereabouts and waging war to the headquarters of Petrov's but he got the attention of someone with special gear.

Matthew Rosenberg doesn't stop impressing me with his good writing in every issue that it's released. The bar is already high and Rosenberg doesn't seem that is writing is running out of steam.
For every reader, this issue gives us TONS of action with Frank obliterating Petrov's troops and obviously a gorgeous artwork by Vilanova.
The story is compelling and simple. So far, there are no major twists and easy to follow up.
Rosenberg knows how to entertain and this issue gives us that. Entertainment.

The big premise of this arc so far, was seeing Frank against those rogue ex-agents of SHIELD. Energy blasts, flying maneuvers and even simple methods Frank used to try to take down those highly trained rogue agents.
Frank can easily use the suit to obliterate common troops, send vehicles through the air to stop tanks, etc... but when he faces some guys highly trained in their SHIELD armors things change a little bit.
What I'm liking so far is that Frank doesn't control the War Machine armor just yet. He didn't have the time to master it, he's in process of learning how to use it in the proper way.
This "weakness" is what I like about stories of the Punisher, the ability he has to overcome those weaknesses. This process of evolution is what I expect from this run. I have no doubt this process of learning how to master the War Machine armor will lead to something epic.

The art of Vilanova is astonishing. Vilanova is getting used to drawing the War Machine armor, and it's getting better in every issue that it's released. The armor is very well designed and detailed and especially the skull. The skull painted in the armor has a very aggressive look.
The action panels were amazing and dynamic artwork among panels.

Lee Loughridge did a better job on coloring this issue in my humble opinion. Despite some "brownish"colors in some panels overall he did a good job on coloring most of it. During the night scene Loughridge colors just shined.


Review by Ivo Santos

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Matthew Rosenberg continues to impress with this solid story he pulls zero punches when it comes to make the Punisher a bad ass character. Guiu Villanova art keeps improving a lot showing us a more polished War Machine armor on this second issue.

Frank Castle arrived in Chernaya saved an old man named Vakha from being killed by the troops of Petrov's. 
Vakha was a great supporting character, a bit cliché though, but it was great seeing these veterans interacting with each other. For moments I imagined Frank Castle decades before he finishes his "war" (like something like that was possible). But don't know why Vakha reminds me of Frank.

The action of this story was great, most of the action of this comics was the Punisher defending the land of old Vakha from the incursion of Petrov's troops, the funny thing is that Frank doesn't control 100% the armor and he's still learning and improving how to dominate it after a few mistakes especially when Frank is fighting a tank.
A curious fact is the A.I of the armor it's programmed for the previous user and not for Frank it clearly needs some reprogramming for Frank's by the modus operandi. It's hilarious the rant between Frank and the A.I.

The art of Guiu's is getting polished by the issue. The designed of the armor is much better when we compare with the last issue. His drawings are very dynamic and the action scenes very well made. I liked how Guiu focused in what matters while drawing the action scenes, you don't get distracted by the background. Great work Guiu!

About the colors, I'm not a big fan of Loughridge's tone he set for this issue, I didn't like this "brownish" color all over the issue.

The scenario when everything happens had something to do with it but this is the only thing I didn't like so far.

Can't wait to read today's issue THE PUNISHER #220, don't forget to seize your comic book stores!

OVERALL RATE: 8.5 / 10

Review by Ivo Santos