Wednesday, April 18, 2018

PC POST #398: New Punisher run coming up with a "back to basics" premise!

Earlier today Marvel announced a new Punisher run coming up in August. 1st. The news couldn't be better. Matthew Rosenberg will be at helm of the book with a new artist Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ).

The solicits kind of spoiled what's going to happen in the last issue of Punisher: War Machine #228. But I won't spoil it for you.

In the interview to Marvel's page Matthew said a few good things about what's coming up with this new run.

Cover artist: Greg Smallwood
"We’re going to get back to Frank Castle with a handgun and a knife, stalking the streets of New York, and getting his hands dirty. But we’re also going to see a man who has changed from his time in the armor. He developed a taste for bigger game and larger targets, and he’s not going to give that up easily. So in a sense it’s back to basics — but on a bigger scale."

Back to basics Frank means we will have the Punisher with his usual arsenal to take out major threats in the Marvel Universe. From this interview we can expect some major appearances from the villainy world of Marvel Universe and seeing the Punisher tag along with them without killing them or getting killed will be a major challenge for Matthew Rosenberg.

"We’re going to have seen him travel overseas to overthrow a government and kill a world leader, and then come back home and go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe."

I guess we have to wait for August, 1st and see what happens. But I think Matthew Rosenberg one of the best writers who picked up the character since Garth Ennis in Welcome Back, Frank. He deserves this recognition.

Article by Ivo Santos 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Sorry about my absence everyone but I've been very occupied with personal things that I couldn't update the blog or the reviews.
Still got to catch up with the reviews of Punisher #222 and Platoon #5 and #6.
After Frank got outnumbered by the rogue ex-SHIELD agents they did a good amount of damage to the armor and Frank drop into the sea. 
This story told us how he gets back into the "game" with the armor ready to continue the mission.

Matthew Rosenberg doesn't waste time in telling us a good Punisher story with a great pace even when it slows down a bit he recovers the pace in a few panels. It's amazing on how he can deliver such a great Punisher comic without a dull moment.
Matthew's Punisher punishes. Even without the armor. For those who want to see Frank Castle as he is, Matt's didn't forget those fans too. In this issue, he goes around mostly without the armor punishing bad people to get what he wants. 
This arc is getting good and good for those who were skeptic about how good this could be seeing Frank in a foreign country to take down some guy who hurt Nick Fury feelings, well... it is fun. It is fun seeing Frank destroying dozens of military troops who work for Petrov's, smashing vehicles and getting rid of Petrov organization. He could've done it without the War Machine suit, sure... but it would've been tougher and require a lot of prep work. Now, Frank doesn't need to take cover because of bullets. He flies straightforward to the targets with no hesitations.

Guiu Vilanova is doing a great work with the collaboration with Lee Loughridge on the colors. These two set a great theme for this comic book. Sometimes too dark but nothing that could harm the art overall.
The action is very dynamic and very well made. It's bloody when it needs to be and this creative team makes it flawlessly. 
I'm still not a fan of the Punisher being similar to his Netflix counterpart (Jon Bernthal). I still prefer a generic face than a character in the comic that looks like an actor. The cover artist Clayton Crain used to give us high-quality artwork and he delivers it. Great colors, great art, and great dynamic.

Overall Rate: 8.5 / 10 

review by Ivo Santos

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

PC POST #396: Marvel's the Punisher announces new cast with Mennonite? No 'Micro' for season 2?

Yesterday was the beginning of the very first day of filming the Punisher season 2, and Marvel officially unveiled three new actors.

Josh Stewart (Shooter) was cast as "John Pilgrim" a man whose calm exterior belies a ruthless interior. Despite having left behind a life of violence, circumstances will force him to use his old skills and bring him into Frank Castle’s world.

Floriana Lima will play the role of “Krista Dumont,” a smart, compassionate, and driven psychotherapist for military veterans.

Giorgia Whigham has been locked to play “Amy Bendix,” a street-smart grifter with a mysterious past.

This pretty much gives us some hint that the "Slavers" might be a theme that we will all see in the upcoming Punisher season 2.
"Krista Dumont" can be a similar character as Jen Cooke and "Amy Bendix" could be Viorica.
Jen Cooke

The curious fact about the discription of "John Pilgrim" is that he remembered me a lot of Mennonite.

Mennonite appear in Jason Aaron's Punisher MAX, released in 2010. This character appeared in PunisherMAX #3-#5.
He was a highly trained assassin back in the day until he joined in the Mennonites. His wife saved his life and he left his past life of violence behind him, focusing in his wife health who suffered from severe illness.
Later on, he was contacted by the Mafia to take out Frank and once again he surrendered himself to the life he has left behind years ago and decided to hunt down Frank and he almost killed him.

The most strange fact is that in the article of Marvel, where they announced the cast they mentioned returning characters they didn't mention Ebon Moss-BachRach as 'Micro'.
"Stewart, Lima, and Whigham will join returning cast members Jon Bernthal as ‘Frank Castle,’ Ben Barnes as ‘Billy Russo,’ Amber Rose Revah as ‘Dinah Madani,’ and Jason R. Moore as ‘Curtis Hoyle.’"

So where is 'Micro'?

Lieberman is living a good life with his family. It doesn't make sense sacrificing his family to join forces with Frank, despite that he owes him for everything Frank did for his family. 

But, if Billy Russo is coming back, he knows who Lieberman is and his family. I expect that Billy might want to take revenge and he will start with the ones closer to Frank. I could foresee a major incident involving Lierberman's family and getting him back in the game more focused on Frank's war.

This is just a theory unless they want to give Frank a new sidekick and let rest Lieberman for a bit.

Let's wait and see what will happen.

There is no date for the release of season 2 but it's expectable to be in 2019. There are three shows ahead of the Punisher series such as Jessica Jones S02, Daredevil S03, and Luke Cage S02.

Article by Ivo Santos (FB/Twitter)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PC POST #395: -REVIEW- PUNISHER: The Platoon #4

Garth Ennis is building a great story exploring Frank's past. To be more precise his first tour in Vietnam.

So far, we have seen how brilliant Frank Castle is in the art of war and leadership of his Platoon. Frank Castle is responsible for making his men thrive and being alive in all the obstacles and dangers they had to face.

This issue #4 explores a bit of the psyche of the two main characters from each side of the war. Frank Castle and Ly.
This issue doesn't have kick-ass action panels but Ennis took a time to explore a bit of these compelling characters.

Once again Ennis show how devoted Frank Castle was to his wife and to the war. We get to see some sort of "need" for action when Frank talked with Dryden.
Ly unveiled a tragic past that shows us her motivations on getting rid of American soldiers and the obsession with killing them.

Interesting panels when we see Giap taking information from a captive American soldier about the motivation of the American troops and how the people in the US see this war. Giap is a man of war, a man who takes everything into consideration to make the best results as possible.

Another interesting panel was the eventual confrontation with some green berets who were willing to mess with Frank's Platoon until he arrives and with an amazing stare and posture commands the green berets to go to rest and they leave without any word.

Goran Parlov art is amazing. I risk saying that his art in this book is the best we have seen from him. The way he draws the characters and how they express their emotions through their faces is unbelievably realistic.
Once again, during the eye contact between Frank and the green beret, that calm look and those eyes you know and felt it that Frank Castle is a man you don't want to **** with. It's not the first time he uses this, the last issue Goran did the same when Frank went to negotiate weapons for his Platoon. It's that calm look and confidence that makes his Platoon follow him through hell if they need to.

Jordie Bellaire is responsible for the colors that give huge depth to Parlov's art. The color tone of this series is adequate and of course, she was a huge support to Parlov's art.


Review by Ivo Santos

PC POST #394: PUNISHER: PLATOON is over! But Ennis work with Frank Castle isn't.

Punisher: Platoon #6, was released today and it ended in the best way possible. Still got reviews of issues #4, #5 and #6 to make for the blog but I will keep it spoiler free for you to enjoy the great news below.

After reading Punisher: Platoon #6, I thought Ennis was done with his work with the Punisher, at least for a while. But no! In the letters page, Ennis just gave all the readers some insight of his future plans if they are approved.

"Pretty soon we will see our hero-- on his second tour of duty, now with the Marine Recon-- fighting shoulder to shoulder with the one man who loves combat even more than he does.
Beyond that, I'm talking with the editor Nick Lowe about another Punisher story, a contemporary one this time,  featuring... Well, I may have said too much".

So let's make some sort of breakdown of this statement.

I couldn't be more excited to see that Ennis work with the Punisher is far from being done. It seems that he's born for the character as the time goes by, more and more I believe in this.
Looks like Ennis is already preparing two gifts to all Punisher fans, first, a sequel to the Platoon when Frank enters the Marine recon. Ennis hints us that he will fighting be with "one man who loves combat even more than he does", there aren't many characters in the MAX universe who could share this feeling with Frank, my guess will be a guest appearance of Nick Fury.

The second piece of good news is that we might have a modern story of the Punisher. Ennis didn't unveil details if it's a MAX story or set in 616 Universe but if he's writing I'm on board. Day one.

Written by Ivo Santos